Inherited TraitsEdit


-Ability to stand upright on two feet.

-Opposable thumbs; Hands instead of paws on front limbs. Also grants ability to use knives, spears, and bows.

-Human-like behaviors.

-Nightfall wolves are generally better at seeing at night than other wolves. This is because Nightfall hunted at night due to the lack of prey during the daytime on Esamir.

-Agility. This is a trait because Nightfall has always relied on guerrilla tactics and ambushes; Nightfall wolves prefer agility in battle over brute strength.

-Speed/Stamina. Earned from hunting on the wide open tundras of Esamir, Nightfall wolves can move and run fast, and for longer periods of time.

-Better resistance to elemental magic. Nightfall's presence on Esamir made them almost completely resistant to extreme temperatures.