The History of Nightfall PraetorianEdit

Sirius by darknatasha

Nightfall was originally created by a werewolf named Astrid that lived thousands of years ago in a realm called Sacred Grove. When the pack was young, a sort of apocalypse occurred in Sacred Grove. Astrid used ancient magic to protected her pack from the disaster. The spell sent Astrid and her pack to an ethereal realm called Esamir for one thousand years. Since Esamir is the realm of the afterlife, nobody died on Esamir. The thousand years went by fast, and only felt like a few years to the werewolves of Nightfall, because time does not exist in Esamir. When 1,000 years passed, Nightfall was sent back to their physical being. When Nightfall arrived back in the living world, they lost most of their werewolf attributes and could no longer shape shift into humans. The wolves arrived on a sub island called Tibor, just off the coast of the main island, Thule.