Ranks & Corresponding Tags Edit

Alpha (NPA):

The alphas of the pack are in charge of all members and the pack's territory. The pack's safety is their top priority.

Beta (NPB):

Betas are the second in command and organize hunting parties, patrols, and meetings upon the Alpha's request.

Harbinger (NPH):

Warlords. The Harbinger wolf assists the Alpha in planning tactics and strategies. The Harbinger also trains the Warriors and Rangers.

Shaman (NPS):

Healers. Shamans are experts at mending wounds of all sorts. They also lead rituals and such. There can only be a certain amount of Shamans in the pack at one time. (See Shaman Herbs Page)

Mage (NPM):

Combatants that use magic instead of weapons. Only a certain amount of mages are allowed in the pack at one time. (See Mage Abilities Page)

Warrior (NPW):

Warriors are well-trained and battle ready. The Warriors serve as guards while not training or at war, and stay at the camp to defend it if not hunting with the Rangers.

Ranger (NPR):

Rangers train with the Deltas but also serve as scouts and patrol the territory. Rangers are unrivaled in their ability to hunt foes and scout dangers.

Initiate (I):

Initiates are wolves that are in training for any rank. Initiate wolves add the rank they are training for and an I at the end of their tag if they are in training. Example: Caretaker training to be a Warrior tag: NPCWI

Pup (NPP):

The young wolves of the pack.

Caretaker (NPC):

Tend to the pack but mostly the pups. Can train to become Warriors or Rangers if they please.

Elder Wolves (E):

There is no elder rank, because Nightfall wolves remain at their earned rank until death. To recognize elder wolves, Elders add an E at the end of their tag. Example: Elder Ranger tag: NPRE