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Thule island is home to the Nightfall Wolves. It's climate is cold, and it rains often. Thule is home to Obol Forest, a small forest of fir trees that controls Thule's mountains and hills. Play this in the background while at Thule for effects:
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Thulian Edit

The northwestern corner of Thule is home to Nightfall Praetorian's village, Thulian. It's made up of dens carved into the mountainside by the pack, organized into sections based on family grouping and pack rank.

The cave on the top of the hill is the Alpha's den. The easternmost den is the Herbalism den, used by both Shaman and Mages for their magics. It contains an ice crystal along with natural flora for spell and ritual components. The next two dens are where the Shaman and Mages stay, as that gives them the best access to the Herbalism hut.

Continuing from east to west, the next four dens belong to the Rangers and the Warriors, since they are the most numerous in the pack and they train together. The next two are the dens of the Harbinger and the Beta, as they are two of the closest dens to the Alpha's den.

Thule Den Map

The three dens furthest to the west are the Caretakers' dens, and they have the second most because this is also where pups stay when their parents are out doing their duties.

Interns stay with the rank they are training for. During the day, pups usually stay with their parents, and any pack member except caretakers can stay in the den of a higher-tier mate. Caretakers are exempt from this because they might need to stay with pups whose parents are not in Thulian.